Review- The baby by: Sylvia Norman

A Dark Novella of Fear, Revenge, & Maternity

Patricia and William can’t wait to have children, but as soon as she gives birth, things seem to change. First, although she doesn’t remember it, Patricia apparently tried to commit suicide in the hospital room. The doctors write it off as postpartum depression, but Patricia has the oddest feeling her baby, Bernard, had something to do with it.

William tries to be supportive of his recovering wife. He is careful and loving with their son, but she seems almost afraid of little Bernard. She doesn’t treat him as a mother would-with love, compassion, and patience. To Patricia, Bernard is some kind of monster, and sometimes, she swears he looks like an old man . . . and talks like one too.

Is Bernard the evil creature she suspects, or is the horror just part of Patricia’s twisted imagination? William fears for his family, but he’s not sure where to turn. He hates to think his wife is mad, yet her behavior gives him little choice. Patricia, however, feels she has a purpose: to destroy the child she brought into the world before he hurts others, William included.

 I want to thank for sending me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review. Also I want to thank the autor, Sylvia Norman, for the opportunity to read her book.

This book has a big plot twist. I actually enjoyed reading it, it was quick and easy and I read it in one sitting. At first I was a little nervous of starting this book, I had no idea what to expect. But it sat on my book shelf no more than two days because curiosity won me over, and I decided that I needed to know what was going to happen in this book. I feel like this story has just the right amount of intensity and the right amount of darkness to it. I can hardly wait to see how the athor continues the story, and what she has in store for her main character Patricia. It was a unique read, and i’m honored that I got a chance to review this book for the lovely Sylvia Norman. I would recommend this book over and over again. Read it, and tell me what you think!


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