Review- Olivay by: Deborah Reed

We don’t believe that our lives can change in an instant—until they do.

Olivay, widowed for a year and sleepwalking through life, meets Henry by chance. She takes him to her Los Angeles loft, thinking it will just be for the night. But the following morning, bombs detonate across the city; mayhem and carnage fill the streets; and her loft is covered in broken glass and her own blood. Henry is skittish, solicitous, and strangely distracted. Who is this man she’s marooned with as the city goes on lockdown? Why is she catching him in lie after lie? Is he somehow connected to her husband’s death and the terrorist attacks outside?

With eloquent and suspenseful prose, Olivay explores the wreckage of loss and the collision of grief, desire, and terror in its aftermath. As the characters get pushed outside their comfort zones, forced to walk the thin line between destruction and salvation, Olivay keeps readers guessing what will become of Olivay and Henry until the very end.

One thing is this book is not for everyone. But if you are one of those who this book is made for, congrats. You have just walked into a whole new perspective of life. It has a slow pace, but it still manages to keep you on your toes with the tension the story contains. It’s a whole other way of writing,, it’s incredible how the author keeps putting these thougths into your head, but you can’t be certain of any, so you find yourself needing to get to the end just to find out what is really going on with the characters. This book is a head spinner for sure, so if you think you can handle it, go for it. My rating is 3.5  stars.


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