Review- Aflame By: N.M Bello

Zara is the princess of Garimu, a kingdom where the people can absorb the elements and wield them as they please. Strong-willed yet naive, she is the strongest wielder to be born in generations.

Johar is the solemn and responsible prince of Birin. He is engaged to be married and is preparing to ascend to the throne of his kingdom.

Through a twist of fate, these two very different people are brought together as the survival of both of their kingdoms hangs in the balance. Can Zara and Johar put their differences aside in order to save their homes from the catastrophe that is about to befall them?

Aflame is a thrilling story of love, sacrifice and growing up. The book is the perfect read for young adults, who will enjoy watching the characters change and grow with their experiences.

The plot was unique, the characters special, the storyline was intriguing, and the drama and romance were just were they should be. What went wrong? The writing. I didn’t enjoy the description, it took me so long to get into the story, and every flip of each page made the book seem longer, heavier. I give this book 2 out of 5 stars because it had much potential.


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