Review- When you leave by Monica Ropal

Cass is positive that the people she cares about most will eventually leave her. Her father is gone, her mother doesn’t notice Cass exists, and her best friend’s battle with cancer was too close of a call. So when she begins her year at a wealthy new private school, Cass’s plan is to suffer through it in anonymity.

However, when her cute locker neighbor, Cooper, shows an undeniable attraction toward Cass, keeping him at a safe distance isn’t easy. Even though her Frogtown skater world and his do-gooder preppy one are so different, Cass and Cooper somehow mesh. And once Cass lets her guard down, Cooper is mysteriously murdered—thus proving her original theory.

When Cass’s close friend is suspected as the killer, she isn’t sure who she can trust anymore. Between investigating Cooper’s murder and trying to understand what she really meant to him, will Cass even find what she is looking for?

Monica Ropal’s tension-filled and emotionally-charged YA debut explores the issues of an outsider looking in, and her desperation to find the impossible answers. Why do people leave? And who will be next?

This book was really interesting. I thought that it would have a more complex plot, it wasn’t really difficult to figure out the end, the sort of punch line. I did enjoy the writing style very much, Monica Ropal is an amazing author. I loved the way this book ended, and the way it started. It was unique story and it cant be compared. I understand Cass character perfectly, it irritates me when a character makes bad choices, and I always say, “If I was her I would…. instead” and that was what Cass was too me. Her choices were rational and had a good reason. The way her emotions were set up really showed you that she is a strong character even though nobody really sees her like that. She was the one that believed in her friends more than anyone else. I enjoyed this book very much.


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