Review- “How I wonder what you are” by: Jane Lovering

“Maybe he wasn’t here because of the lights – maybe they were here because of him …”

It’s been over eighteen months since Molly Gilchrist has had a man (as her best friend, Caro, is so fond of reminding her) so when she as good as stumbles upon one on the moors one bitterly cold morning, it seems like the Universe is having a laugh at her expense.

But Phinn Baxter (that’s Doctor Phinneas Baxter) is no common drunkard, as Molly is soon to discover; with a PhD in astrophysics and a tortured past that is a match for Molly’s own disastrous love life.

Finding mysterious men on the moors isn’t the weirdest thing Molly has to contend with, however. There’s also those strange lights she keeps seeing in the sky. The ones she’s only started seeing since meeting Phinn …

This book got my attention in the first sentences of the prologue. I just could not stop reading, it’s a very intriguing ad wonderful story. I enjoyed the character’s development and most of all their humor. It s one of the few books that actually made me laugh. I enjoyed ever second of this book, it made many questions come to my mind all throughout the story. Also the writing was just incredible, It was what I loved most of all. The story taught me something very important, a lesson that I will never forget. I totally recommend this book, you will not regret reading it.


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